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Lab Solution

Precision Balances WLY

Maximum Capacity1kg to 120kg
Minimum Load5g
Readability0.01g to 2mg


Precision balances series WLY are the response for the growing market demands concerning simple operation and maximum automation of the weighing process.

WLY series can cooperate with barcode scanners, receipt and label printers, RFID scanners and PC peripherals (mouse, keyboard, USB flash data storage devices).


All models of WLY series feature stainless steel weighing pan and a touch panel covering a 5.7” colour graphic display and membrane keyboard.WLY balances can cooperate with an additional weighing platform.

WLY highlights:
  • programmable display and function keys
  • programmable infrared proximity sensors
  • desining custom printouts
  • desining text data in display’s window.


 WLY 1/D2WLY 2/D2WLY6/D2 IM 17WLY 10/D2WLY 20/D2
Max capacity1 kg2 kg6 kg10 kg20 kg
Minimal load--5 g--
Readability0,01 g0,01 g0,1 g0,1 g0,1 g
Verifying unit--1 g--
Tare range-1 kg-2 kg-6 kg-10 kg-20 kg
Repeatability0,3 g0,03 g0,1 g0,3 g0,3 g
Linearity± 0,03 g± 0,03 g± 0,1 g± 0,3 g± 0,3 g
OIML class--II--
Pan size  195 x 195 mm  
Stabilization time  3 s  
Working temperature  +15 °   +30 °C  
Storage temperature  -25 ° - +70 °C  
IP rating  IP 43  
Power supply  110-230VAC 50/60Hz / 10,5-15VDC  
Adjustment / Calibration  external  
Display  5,7'' touch screen  
Interface 2xUSB, 2xRS 232, Ethernet, 4 I/O digital, Wireless connection 
Net weight/Gross weight  2,7 / 3,6 kg  
Packaging dimensions  490 x 300 x 150 mm  
 WLY 6/F1/RWLY 12/F1/RWLY 30/F1/RWLY 60/C2/RWLY 120/C2/R
 WLY6/F1/KWLY 12/F1/KWLY 30/F1/KWLY 60/C2/KWLY 120/C2/K
Max capacity6 kg12 kg30 kg60 kg120 kg
Minimal load5 g----
Readability0,1 g0,2 g0,5 g1 g2 g
Verifying unit1 g----
Tare range-6 kg-12 kg-30 kg-60 kg-120 kg
Repeatability0,1 g0,6 g1,5 g1 g2 g
Linearity±0,1 g±0,6 g±1,5 g±1 g±2 g
OIML classII----
Pan size 300x300 mm 400x500 mm
Stabilization time3 s
Working temperature+15 ° - +30 °C
Storage temperature-25 ° - +70 °C
IP ratingIP 43
Power supply110÷230VAC 50/60Hz / 10,5÷15VDC 
Adjustment / Calibrationexternal
Display5,7'' touch screen
Interface2×USB, 2×RS 232, Ethernet, 4 I/O digital, Wireless connection
Net weight/Gross weight5,2 / 6 kg15,5/17,8 kg
Packaging dimensions570×390×170 mm720×580×220 mm



"Epson" impact printerHandle for PUE 7 indicator
"Citizen" label printerBarcode scanner
Computer software „PW-WIN"Transponder card scanner CK-01
Computer software „RAD-KEY"Weighing module DP2
LCD display „WD-4/4"RS 232 cable: balance - "Epson/Citizen" printer: P0151
PC keyboardRS 232 cable: balance - computer: P0108
Calibration weightPower adapter with jack for car lighter „K0047"
Mass standard