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Gate Management System


The gate management system is a complete system, which can manage, control and monitor an entire vehicle gate logs and all related equipment. It helps organizations manage the daily visitors to their premises and also saves all the data of the concerned person coming in the premises and out of the premises.

What is the objective of a gate management system?

User Management

Different users have access to different roles and will have permission for certain activities like an admin user would have access to set up systems, make configuration changes, create and delete users. A gate operator will have permission to create pass, the supervisor will have permission to oversee the operations. The user management will have the flexibility to add, remove and modify users based on specific roles.

This helps the user with Data security as the data is not passed to any un-authorised person, as people who have an access can only get the data, and the objective of role-based data will be achieved.

Product Master

The product master management has the abilities to create different product category, add different product category, set rate for the product, to configure standard sizing parameter for the product. All this data is fetched by SAP which is integrated with the system.

Since it is integrated with the system, it creates data visibility as the data is fetched from the cloud and ensures the right product, right characteristics are being brought into the organization and makes it more efficient. Also when you are gathering all the information through central data system you are getting better visibility. It is also easy to understand what is coming inside the premises and what is going out of the premises

Gate Operations

Gate operations- every vehicle that is passing, the gate operator will create pass for them at the gate and all the information of the truck’s driver such as name, license number, contact number and photo would be recorded and then the truck will be allowed to pass once the system has got the information.

The system will also have an option to authenticate truck using ANPR OR RFID reader and this would provide better workflow as the vehicle movement would be accessed by the system and provides better visibility as the warehouse operator would be able to know which truck is passing by the information collected.

Warehouse Operations

Warehouse operations- once the gate operator allows the truck to come inside the ware house, the ware house operator will get an update so that the loading unloading process is started. Once that is done, the warehouse operator would mark the transaction as complete. The loading zone will receive a notification for their loading equipment and the gate operator will know that is unloading process is done.

This feature will provide added security as, for instance, when the driver takes longer than the usual time to return to the gate, the operator can ascertain the cause of such delays, intentional or otherwise, and take pro-active measures.