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Curated and handcrafted by TechnoCommercials and Operation Experts, ORECS can be your one-stop solution Operation & Maintenance of Plant and Machinery.

What is ORECS?

Established in 2005, ORECS is a pioneer online Business Management Application developed by constant improvement and passion of some dedicated and experienced expert team members to help you have an optimum control over the expenditures related to Maintenance, Business Operations, Business Sites not matter how scattered your machineries and manpower are! By its easy-to-use systems of reports, updates and alerts, ORECS establishes an improved communication system to reduce time and energy and guarantees a total transparency with your employees, customers and vendors.

ORECS behind the Curtain

ORECS is standing high with…

10,000+ Man-hours

400+ Machines

Annual transactions worth Rs. 100,00,00,000/-

2000+ Employees and yet counting

ORECS Construction Management Software Advantages

Semi-skilled Manpower- High-skilled Output- Super Skilled Performance

With a use of an easy-to-understand language and user-friendly access experience ORECS enables anyone to handle the ERP construction management software with no requirements of technical expertise and coding skills. To provide a high-skilled output with semi-skilled manpower, ORECS construction ERP has some very important features such as automated reminders and notifications from system. This helps reducing unwanted costs and maximizing the Profit and that too, with no requirement of any special skills.

High-tech Cloud Storage & Cloud Operating System

With a high-tech cloud storage facility, ORECS ERP construction software is easily accessible anywhere, anytime. The 50,000 pages of coding provides a strong backbone to ORECS to provide easy, minute and super-fast results in Information & Statistics, which gains more momentum by the high-tech cloud storage and cloud-operating feature. Also, ORECS ERP software for construction contains a Three Tier Architecture to protect you against all type of security threats and data manipulation.

Easy Accountability of Resources with Construction Project Management Software

With ORECS construction project management software, you are just a click away to evaluate in the accountability of various resources such as investment, utilization of investment, goal achievement, manpower & machinery and ultimately, the net-worth of your assets in real time.

Optimum reduction of unnecessary Phone calls & Emails

ORECS ERP software for construction provide you a strong, built-in communication & follow-up system for internal management with the features of sending latest updates about your site, approvals, requisitions, progress, accounting, notifications and many such crucial information directly to the desired employees, customers, vendors via system-generated SMS and Emails. This easily eliminates miscommunications and misunderstanding and provides you with the best transparency with your concerned parties inyour business.

Scale-up your business, not the headache!

ORECS construction management software gives your business the capacity to grow manifold and demonstrate exponential ability to handle the Volumes which is absolutely impossible and infeasible without a System.

Manage Your Diversified Machineries in the Best Way

With its signifying features such as In-House Call Center, Remote Data Collection Application, Fuel Sensors, GPS Devices, Mobile Applications, etc., ORECS construction ERP software gives you a freedom not only to manage your machinery remotely but also to take care of all the crucial expiry dates for your machineries such as, Insurance, RTO Tax, Driver’s License Validity, Load Test Certificates and much more.

Zero Human Intervention, Zero Manipulation of Data

In ORECS ERP for construction, there’s no DELETE button, which means nobody can remove or modify the data once saved on ORECS. By this feature, it is quite impossible for anyone to intervene and manipulate the important data.

Optimum Financial Planning & Control with Construction Management Software

ORECS ERP construction software keeps you intimating about the Financial Position of the company at each stage with real time bank balance without any integration to your Bank Account. The FUND BLOCKS feature enables you to strictly spend the blocked fund on a particular thing, which gives a balanced control over utilization of the funds exactly as the way it is planned and expected by Financial Consultants and Senior Management.

ORECS ERP Software Modules

  • ORECS Building Construction Management Software
  • ORECS Machine Rental Software
  • ORECS Machine Management Software
  • ORECS Vehicle Rental Software
  • ORECS CRM Software

Follow-up & Payment Collectio

With this module, you can easily get timely reminder for follow-up and payment collection, which improves the liquidity of funds by 30%.


ORECS Quotation Module helps the management to send an automated yet customized quotation with the most competitive terms & conditions totally favorable and attractive to potential customers.


ORECS Scaffolding module gives you the list of components used in one model along with individual as well as total weight and dimensions which helps the Stores Department to arrange for Transportation/Logistics Facility.

O-Drive/ORECS Drive

This module gives you an efficient, sophisticated and organized cloud storage to store your important business documents.


This module helps the management to highlight the instances where it needs to draw attention from higher authorities to arrive to a verdict and take necessary steps in case of customer’s non-compliance.

Employee Daily Work

My Diary/Employee Daily Work module becomes a handy and paperless tool for the management to organize the day-to-day work of each employees without the risk of losing the data once uploaded on ORECS server.


ORECS has an integrated module for collection of data from machine using GPS, GPRS and various other sensors and devices. Following parameters can be derived in real time with RDC Devices.


This module takes care of every single letter which is coming in or going out of your company. Which lets you never miss even the tiniest part of the communication.


This module is especially designed for concrete industry where every type of data related to Concrete Production and Concrete Pumping is taken care of. Here, every type of data means ACTUALLY every type of data.


In ORECs, every module has a structured flow of information on every level, where it requires an authorized approval to propagate to the next level. ORECS contains a strong approval system also with Third Party Approval tool.

Reminder SMS & E-mail

This module sends reminder SMS and E-mails in advance to the concerned user about any deadlines, expiry dates or any action dates which always help the business not only in managing time but also in maintaining business operations in the best way.


This module is one of the most important module, which gives a day to day updates regarding the renewal of various licenses, certificates, tax certificates and such other important documents of the business itself as well as of its employees and machineries.

Machine Management

This module helps you take care of every single matter related to machinery such as the maintenance, lubrication, repairing, depreciation, etc. Which enables you to increase the output capacity of any machinery by taking a good and timely care of it.

Customer Relationship Manager/CRM-Sales

With a view to assist the customers in the process of enquiry management, ORECS ERP software application offers a unique way for Lead Management or Inquiry Management, which simplifies the entire process by enabling you to take total command over this aspect of business.

Tally Bridge

With this module you can have all the entries of sales, purchase, credit note, debit note and much more exported from ORECS to Tally directly. By this feature, you can minimize the risk of human errors being made while entering data in Tally manually.

To-do Reminder & SMS Scheduler

ORECS To-do has a dynamic property of assigning tasks to others as well as to yourself, so that you do not miss any task. This To-do sends an SMS whenever you get a new To-do from others. Its timely updates never lets you or your employee miss any tasks.

Accounts to Operational Accounts

Update your Bank Balance with ORECS only once and that’s it! ORECS ERP Software will take care of every little ledger entries happening in your Business. Also, ORECS comes with a special feature called ‘Fund Block’, which never let you go down with spending of your fund on desired business operation.

Android Application (Business: Anywhere-Anytime)

Now, ORECS ERP Application Software doesn’t need big computer systems to take care of your business operations. With an easy-to-use user interface and anywhere-accessible nature of the Android Application, ORECS is all set to provide you with a ‘business-on-the-go’ attitude!

Automated Billing

While calculating for any operational cost or business transactions, ORECS keeps all the terms and conditions of your company in consideration. It also considers the provisions of work-orders, tax structures as well as company’s other policies, through which it automatically generates bills with exact and minute computations.


With in-app features like DPE- Daily Progress Entry and Material Stock follow-up, this module becomes a one-stop-solution of all your computations for Raw Materials, Semi-Finished Material, Finished Material, Non-Consumable Material like Scaffolding/Shuttering Material and Labor in terms of Man-hours.


An easy user interface helps the data operator to feed the data accurately and easily with least amount of hard work and time, which apparently reduces the probability of human error or any typological error committed while typing in the data. Also, there are no ways to feed wrong data to manipulate the reports as ORECS has a strict data validation in each of the modules.


ORECS Complain Module is a unique feature which has a predefined list of problems collected after a massive R&D as well as a real time field-experience. This module is really helpful to track the exact technical problem in really easy manner with just a help of questionnaire. With this, the operator can track 90% of technical problems on his own.

Customer Work Update

This module enables you to organize you’re your routine work related to Customers. This module helps you to set a work timeline for a particular project which can give you an exact idea of minimum and maximum time and cost to be taken to complete the task. All in all, this module to there for you to manage your time and cost in an effective way when it comes to any customer project.

Dynamic Dashboard

ORECS Dashboard is a powerful and an extra-ordinary tool to guide you for daily task as per the priority of all the employees and machineries. It also allows you to set and customize your own Dashboard pattern and gives you a bird’s eye view idea of the overall business position of your business in last 24 hours. Apart from that, it has a special feature to give you various notifications and alerts with multiple color-codes to differentiate the data.

Fuel Management System

In this module, whenever the fuel is filled the fuel sensor will detect a sudden increase in the level of fuel which will trigger an alert in SMS and Mail as well as it will be punched with time and location in ORECS Database for future reference. With a zero human interference, the data so collected can easily be converted into a useful information using ORECS Reports and auto-generated Mail Alerts from System.

Human Resource (HR)

With some core HR features like Attendance, Salary, Expense and the Allocation of sites as well as rights, the HR module lets you input all the necessary employee details and documents. Moreover, the ORECS takes care of the expiry dates of each and every document and it keeps on reminding about the same to both, the management as well as the concerned employee.

Machine Installation

This module can define the installation process in multiple stages and multiple activities in each stage by categorizing them as Parallel stages/activities or Parent-child stages/activities. This helps you fix the ideal chronological order of installation as per the standard norms, which cannot be by-passed by any non-technical manpower also.


With the help of this module, you can easily reach-out to your potential customers on a regular basis by sending them your newsletter with just a click. This module is a One Click Bulk Mailing solution to spread the word about your expertise, updates, festive greetings, news, awards or anything special with everyone associated with your business.

Purchase & Inventory

With special features like Material Requisitions, Material Physical Receipts, Material Consumption, Stock Updates, Purchase Orders, Purchase Creation, Inventory Reports, Transaction Reports, Minimum Stock Alerts, etc., this module helps you to maintain entire data related to your purchase and inventory.

Requisition & Receipt

With this module, whenever the new requirement of the Machine, Material, Employee or Spares arises, the end user or supervisor can raise a requisition request to their senior employee and by this a proper justification can be made in terms of Budget and Utility as well as the Profitability against total cost of Project.


ORECS-Sales CRM module has a dedicated Android Application, where each of the Meeting & Visit reports can be registered with a location on Map as well as photograph of the site, office, machine, visiting card, customer related documents or whatever the Sales person think to be important.

Site Operation, Contractor Manpower & Expense

With this ORECS module, it becomes totally possible to get Machine Wise, Employee wise, Site Wise, Project Wise and Work order wise Expenses reports to make the site operation and expense structure transparent for management and you can get penny-by-penny expense report to get the proper insight of your spending.

Attendance from Bio Matrix Machine to ORECS

This module helps you get total control of the attendance from the site, office, branch, workshop, storage, etc. by getting the attendance automatically from the Bio Matrix machine on the site. Along with that, you can also record overtime, week-off and much more automatically without any intervention and release the salary/wages accordingly.