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A Software that enables automation in Labs

LabMAST (Laboratory Information Management System) is, as the words suggest, a laboratory software that manages the information used in industrial laboratories. LabMAST is a lab management software that helps in the advancement of the lab management system from sample registration to result and report generation.

Ultimately, LabMAST software is used for ease of functioning and provides accurate results in sample testing in industrial labs.

How does LabMAST works?

LabMAST starts working as soon as the samples enter a lab for testing and end the operation upon testing and report generated.

LabMAST software keeps all the records of a sample’s movement in the laboratory from import to export. In this whole process, lab management software facilitates sample management, inventory management, test management, instruments management, workflow automation, data tracking & audit, and cost control.

A Solution to Human Inaccuracy

The capacity of humans is limited and not enough to manage every function at a single time. Testing many samples simultaneously, managing data, and conducting real time tracking can be done by an automated Lab Information System (LIS) better and more accurately than humans.

Better Control

Recording and managing large workflows manually is not a smart way to establish control. LabMAST systems help administering the laboratory workflows better.

Inventory Management

Laboratory software stores your data and provides you updates on your inventory, helping you reduce wastage and prevent non-availability.

Instruments Management

Laboratory management system software can integrate with lab testing instruments and provide more effective monitoring.

Provides Acceleration Quickness

Great software in the laboratory provides speed to lab workflows. Quick working labs achieve high productivity and more opportunities to expand.

Test Order

Records the demand received to test a sample

Sample Registration

Lab management software inputs sample details with help of a barcode

Sample Preparation

Indicates to arrange required setup to start testing

Test Allocation

Specific test to be conducted on a sample gets allocated

Sample Testing

Keeps a store of data & findings while testing procedure

Stores Results Registration

Imports the result once the testing is over

Result Validation & Approval

Finalizes the result and enters stores it in the LabMAST database

Certificate of Analysis

Performs data analytics and prepares a certificate

COA Release

Issues data analysis certificate/generates a report

Billing & Invoicing

Generates invoice post report delivery

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