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Label Printing


Capacities 6kg /15kg /30kg
Pan size 280 x 385 mm



Make your business more efficient and profitable:
  • Perfectly computerized for weighing management and control
  • Quick and easy to use high definition touchscreen
  • Comprehensive weighing data management and reporting solutions
  • Accurate, fast and stable PowerADd weighing technology.
  • Versatility and customization in receipts and labels
  • Various ports can connect to a cash drawer,barcode reader or a mouse.
  • Weighing data can be integrated and SYNC by WiFi
ECR functions ideal for smaller business

Comprehensive Electronic cash register functions provide account, taxes, discount operation ideal for smaller business management.

Data Management and Sales Report

Computerized product management system, easily input and call out PLU. It support reporting on screen or exporting to a PC software

Multilingual information management system

Computerized product management system, easily input and call out PLU. It support multi-language operating environment.

Versatility in receipts and labels

By RS-232, It can connected to a ticket or label printer. Many ticket and label formats can be selected from display. Also Customized printing format available for different customers’ needs.


P10 series combine perfectly printer, cash register and electronic scale. With 10-inch high density color display, P10 can do multimedia advertisement that helps increase your business. Printer supports both receipts and labels, P10 is suitable for chain stores and large supermarkets.

Standard mode, acculuation mode, prepacking mode, self service mode selectable, can connect to electronics shelf label and sales promotion broadcasting system.

Display 10.1"1280 x 800 High definition color screen
Capacities 6kg /15kg /30kg
Pan size 280 x 385 mm
Standard 10.1inch customer display for multimedia advertisement, built-in 58mm label printer.
Optional Barcode scanner, Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer, Card Reader, HDMI TV Advertisement System.
Operation display 10.1" color display, 1280x800 pixels
Customer display 7" color display, 800x480 pixels
Standard configure built in label printer,
Optional device cash drawer, bar code reader, receipt printer
Flat or pold version selectable.