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Lab Solution

MA.X2 Moisture Analyzer

Max Capacity50 g50g110g210 g
Readability [d]0,1 mg1 mg1 mg1 mg


MA.X2 moisture analyzers are hi-tech measuring instruments intended for quick determination of relative moisture content, dry mass content and other parameters in samples of different substances.

Highlights of MA X2 series moisture analyzer:
  • Modern interface
  • DRYING FORECAST – Prognosis of the Drying Process Result
  • Touchscreen
  • Programmable display
  • Easy configuration of information arrangement
  • Wide range of databases – work optimization
  • Databases – security and archiving of your work results
  • USB interface allowing export of results and databases
  • E2R software allowing on-line control over your work


Drying process can be carried out for any temperature and set for a specific product using following databases:

DRYING FORECAST - Prognosis of the Drying Process Result

MA X2 series moisture analyzers are now equipped with DRYING FORECAST function that enables to shorten the drying process. If you do not care about the highest accuracy and increased measurement error (ranging from 5% to 20% of the end value) you can shorten the drying process up to 6 times. It is an option dedicated for users who require fast and multiple estimation of materials moisture content.DRYING FORECAST method is a prognosis of the end result, carried out before the drying process is completed. Based on characteristics of current drying curve, created online, moisture analyzer estimates the end result of the drying process.

It is an approximate result characterized with small error of +/- 10% of the end result for most of the products and +/- 20% for products that require drying process to be longer (such as plastics, gels and materials containing more than 30% of water). The calculation algorithm adapts to the drying material features and estimates first end result. The value of the prognosis is more accurate when the process takes more time. You can specify the time and accuracy of the process.


 MA 50/1.X2MA 50.X2MA 110.X2MA 210.X2
Max capacity50 g50g110g210 g
Readability [d]0,1 mg1 mg1 mg1 mg
Tare range-50 g-50 g -110 g-210 g
Max sample weight50 g50g                      110g210 g
Moisture readout accuracy0,0001 %0,001 %                    0,001 %0,001 %
Moisture content repeatability0,05% (sample weight of 2 g), 0,01% (sample weight of 10 g)
Max sample heighth= 20 mm
Weighing pan size0 90 mm, h= 8 mm
Drying temeprature rangemax. 160° C
Heating module *IR emitter
Drying mode4 drying modes (standard, quick, step, mild)
Auto switch-off options4 options (time-defined, automatic, manual, user-defined)
Additional functionsControl of sample weight prior drying process
Power supply230 V
DisplayLCD 5" capacitive touchscreen
Interface1xRS 232, 1xUSB-A, 1xUSB-B, 1*Wireless Module
Proximity sensors2
Net weight/gross weight4,9 / 6,4 kg
Packaging size470x380x336 mm



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