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Industrial Application

END-TPS-I / END-TPS-II Pallet Scales


  • Capacities from 1t to 2t.
  • Instant weight reading is available as soon as the forks are raised.
  • Function include change weighing, unit, net/gross shift, pre-tare
  • Stainless and aluminum versions available.
  • IP67 waterproof rate (TPSS without indicator).
  • IP65 waterproof rate (TPSS with indicator).
  • Easy access junction box.
  • Rugged construction for long life.
  • Rechargeable battery provides up to 60 hours of continuous use (without backlight).


Display 52mm LCD display, attached white color LED display  
Capacity 1t 2t
Readability 0.5 kg 1 kg
Keyboard 7 Keys mechanical  
Housing Steel SST
Max. Divisions 2,000d  
ADC Sigma delta  
ADC Sigma delta  
ADC Update <1/10 second  
Operate temp -10C~+40C  
Power internal rechargeable battery (6V/10Ah) AC adapter (12v/500 mA)
Gross Weight 160 kg  
Packing Wide Fork) Carton packing, dimension 0.82m3 (Narrow Fork) Carton packing, dimension 0.60m3