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Industrial Application

ECR Series (Standard Applications)

Capacities 200Kg 500Kg


  • Capacity range from 200Kg up to 10T
  • Internal Resolution: 1/300,000
  • Easy to use-Front Panel Configuration
  • LED Display
  • Application program include: Hold, Full Tare Weight, Selectable Division, Sleep mode
  • 4 Mechanical Switch keys
  • Battery provide up to 20hrs of continuous use
  • Power saving function, Auto Shut off
  • Gravity Acceleration correction, so can be used at anywhere in the world
  • Maximum Capacities up to 50T available as per requirement
  • Swivel Lock hook


Model ECR200 ECR500 ECR2000 ECR3000 ECR5000 ECR10000
Capacities 200Kg 500Kg 2T 3T 5T 10T
Accuracy 100g 200g 1Kg 1Kg 2Kg 5KG
Accuracy Class Compatible to OIML-III
Display Large Red LED 1.2Inch display, Rapid display( within 3-5 Seconds)
Power Rechargeable Battery 12V/7Ah /AC Adapter
Optional Remote Controller
Product Weight 5.5Kg 5.5Kg 16Kg 18Kg 23KG 35Kg
Approvals CE,GS 500% Safety overload from TUV