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Calibration (Mass)

M2M2M2 class weights individual


Accuracy ClassM2 & F1
MaterialM250KgMild Steelin 1pc Fabrication
M220KgMild Steelin 1pc Fabrication
M210KgMild Steelin 1pc Fabrication
M25KgMild Steelin 1pc Fabrication
F12Kg-1mgStainless Steelin 27pcs
ShapeM250KgSquare with Handle 
M220KgSquare with Handle 
M210KgSquare with Handle 
M25KgSquare with Handle 
F12Kg-1mgCylindrical with Knob 
PresentationM2 class weights individual
F1 Class Weights in Set, packed in polished wooden box, lined with velvet cloth and provided with forceps