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Industrial Application Display Indicators

AW1 (Wireless Indicator)

proname XK3190-AW1


XK3190-AW1 is a wireless digits/ analog platform scale indicator, can connect with wireless junction box for use. It’s able to apply in static weighing system equipped with 1-4 load cell.

Standard function

  • Frequency hopping auto, can past the heavy interference frequency band, can used together with WIFI, Bluetooth which have the same frequency band. Able to setting 30 pcs separate communication channel , 30 sets wireless system can be used at the same time on the same place.
  • Ultra-low power consumption Can be used more than 40H consistently for charge one time. Analog wireless junction box can be used more than 120H for charge one time, can power on more than 2 months. Digit wireless junction box can be used more than 90H for charge one time, can power on more than 2 months

  • Able to match with animal scale indicator, has fast speed, fast refresh and back to zero quickly.
  • Both indicator and wireless junction box have low power protection function in case of battery over use.
  • Accumulation , counting, kg/lb, animal scale, serial communication functions and so on.
  • Optional of blue tooth 2.0 output

Technical parameter

Wireless communication

  • Frequency band: 2.4GHz~2.525GHz
  • Distance: 20 meters without shelter
  • Analog wireless junction box
  • Input signal range: -16~18mV
  • Number of connection load cell: 1~4只350Ω
  • Verified count: 3000
  • Power supply: 6V/4AH rechargeable battery
  • Time of power on: more than 3 month
  • Continuous working hours: 160H (1~4 at 350Ω) Digit wireless junction box
  • Number of connection: 1
  • Load cell communication protocol: Shanghai Yaohua
  • Load cell power: 6V
  • Power supply: :6V/2.8AH rechargeable battery
  • Power on: more than 2 month
  • continuous working hours: 120H Indicator
  • Display: 6 digits LED, 13 status indicator lamp
  • Interface: RS232 serial port, baud rate: 600~19200, can connect with the appoint mini printer
  • AC power: AC 187~242V 49~51Hz
  • DC power: with built in rechargeable battery DC 6V/4AH
  • Time of battery use: 40H